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 White Moon


August 2014

Lipari island is the largest of the Aeolian archipelago in Sicily. It is made by black rocks due to its volcanic nature. However, if you arrive by sea from the north, you can easily notice a huge white mountain, like a white moon, that breaks the dark color of the island.

Pumice is a volcanic rock whose porosity is due to the formation of gas bubbles in its structure. Lipari island since the roman times and before has been a big hub for trade and shipping across the Mediterranean for its pumice and obsidian. The pumice factory of Lipari, the Pumex, was quickly abandoned in 2005 after the islands were included in the World Heritage. The factory was impounded by the local authorities from one day to another and from that moment everything has remained unchanged, closed in time. A re-development project that had to transform the old  museum has never left, leaving all in a complete abandon.

Everything has remained untouched since that day, almost ten years ago. Children continue to play with pumice in the old warehouses, and tourists and locals still sitting on the white beach made by pumice.

The Last Wall


April 2012

Landing on the island of Cyprus you can not see any differences. The mountains, the green and the sea seem to belong to a single environment. However, once you arrived in the heart of the capital Nicosia, you can easily see a big and impressive wall that delimits the two sides of the city. Sentries and lookouts scan the horizon.

The northern part, occupied by Turkey in 1974, and the south part remained in the hands of the Greek side. The last wall of United Europe divides two worlds so similar but so far. A wound still incurable rip the old conscience of those who had to leave their homes in a hurry before the turkish army arrived.

The new generations, divided between those who still claims the old territories, and those who would finally like an united and independent island. Between peace and war in Cyprus there is still a wall that divides two worlds that live and coexist in the same island. In recent years much effort has been made to reach an agreement, but so far nothing has been made to fall down the last wall of Europe. What still remains for the new generations is an island that looks forward to peacefull days