“Ne jamais faire poser le monde” ( Henri Cartier-Bresson) 

Roberto Arciero was born in Italy in 1984. He completed a master’s degree in Archaeology at the University of Bologna (Italy) and he is a currently a PhD student in Ancient Near Eastern archaeology at Leiden University ( The Netherlands). During his studies, he travelled to several countries across Asia, Africa and America as archaeologist and independent traveller.

He thinks that photography can be a powerful tool for storytelling. Photography is just the reflection of a single evanescent moment of the past, understood as a form of artistic expression or social criticism that springs from the story we are telling. And that’s how Photography becomes also a powerful tool of social changing.


– 2014,  Fotografia Europea – Reggio Emilia  (Italy). Circuito OFF

– 2014, “Luoghi e memorie”. Mostra fotografica della città di Capua